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Open Seas Part 7

As the smoke cleared from around his ship, the pirates on board the lead ship looked to see what wreckage if any was still left of the ship for them to pillage. Will’s crew open their eyes in shock their captain stood tall guns smoking, the blood drenched shirt he had on was ripped to […]

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Open Seas Part 6

Will lay on the deck of his ship, his body covered in blood, the arm that had been hit by the cannon shoot looked as if it was only being held in place by his shirt. He moved the other hand and pushed himself up, he then stood to his feet, his right arm dangled […]

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Open Seas Part 5

The cannon balls that were fired finally began raining down on the enemy ships, ripping into them one after the next. “That was just a warm up for us; I’m giving you the chance to walk away now. But know if you fight us none of you will be leaving this place.” Will’s voice echoed […]

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