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My New Life Part 9

Three years have passed since that faith full night when I last saw him. Every day since I have lost a little more of my past, but I gained more and more knowledge. Knowledge of worlds no one else will ever see, the lives of these brothers, their universe, and what made them who they […]

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My New Life Part 8

“The painful part is over now; your brain has been successfully reconfigured to allow for the download process, your past has also been erased, who you were is no more, and our memories have begun to download to your mind. Over the next few years, you will become a new person, your past will be […]

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My New Life Part 6

It was now completely silence, the pain pushed my mind to it limit as my body tried to shut itself down. My lungs gave way, I stopped breathing, I felt my heart slow and come to a stop. Somehow, I was still alive, the pain grew still, I reach my limit after what seemed like […]

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