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My New Life Part 7

I jumped from my bed and ran to the mirror was it a bad dream I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t care whether or not it was real; it was over now and my eyes were fine, there was no blood on my cloths so it must have been a dream. The following day and […]

Curse Of Life Part 4

After all this time he looked back upon the earth and saw that it was still a waste land, the plants he planted on his journey had died and there were few humans left alive. Though he had removed the waste from the surface of the planet, this had not changed much. The ground and […]

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Curse Of Life Part 3

One city after the next give over control to him, he became the ruler of nearly the entire planet within a year. He still wanted more, he wanted all of it, he wanted to control every person on the planet and his hunger for power cause him to grow cruel. This led him to attacking […]

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