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Jack Part 6

Standing inside were two guard by the door, shots hit them and they fell before they could even turn to see who was coming. 5556 and 1234 flew through the door seconds later, 30 seconds had passed they were on perfect timing. Twenty-five guards were in the room they ran into, 1234 pulled his bow […]


Jack Part 5

A draw on the bottom of the monitoring system’s display opened, and then one of the sphere rolled out floated off the desk in front of me then projected a full 3d view of the building all around me then it shrunk back down to about two feet high. I touched it, I could feel […]


Jack Part 4

The next jump was a short one just 15 minutes, and we would be at the planet we were going to use for the steak out and for me to give the orders from. The jump was an interesting one to say the least through two wormholes and slingshot around the supper Sun at the […]

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