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Jack Part 9

9725 was still taking things out from miles away none of the droids had even went in his direction and I got to say he was making them fall like flies in a fly trap. “You guys, this is getting out of hand and you need to get out of there soon before the full […]


Jack Part 8

As he walked, back to the hole they came down in 1234 ran up to safe and grabbed the little back box. The instant it left the safe the alarms went off, all their planning had just been ruined. They were hoping to get in and out without anyone knowing who was there. However, with […]


Jack Part 7

“Let’s get this show on the road shall we?” Said 1234 as he turned to the then fall 5556 pulled his bow. “Attachment anchors.” The arrow split in two and the point turned flat, then he released it. It hit and attached with a cord to 5556, 1234 smiled and tuned back aiming his bow […]

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