Reality Drive


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Reality Drive

Technology Type: Engine

Engine type: Subspace Drive

Inventor: Will 24

Deception: With the reality matrix at its core, the drives work by folding space around the ship exceeding the speed of light by a factor of nearly 700, before it actually starts to move though the space it resides in. Then moving the space itself into a different layer of the universe where the speed of light is no longer a constant and the distance between two points are only relative to the amount of energy that the drive has.

Being in a sub layer of space it also allows the ship to pass through any matter without affecting the object it passes through or being affected by the object itself. This is possible because the layer of space the ship is moving though, has no matter that exist in normal space and any matter within this layer of space has no physical being, thus allowing the ship to pass through anything without actually interacting with the objects matter.

The only thing from normal space that has any kind of an effect on this sub layer of space is huge gravity wells, such as those found in stars, black holes, and anything else with a high enough gravitational pull. This allows the ships to navigate this layer of space, using these gravity marks like a star chart, however seeing that direction, spaceshal coordinates, even distance his no constant is this sub layer. The engine uses its own navigation system plotting the location of stars or black holes based on the energy need to get to the location, then jumping from one to the other in short burst while remaining in the sub layer, sometime jumping between 200 stars before it exits the sub layer.

Because of the amount of energy the drive uses it can only run for a maximum of 15 seconds for a small drive and 45 for a large high-powered drive. After which it has to shut off to cool down and allow enough energy to build back up so it can be used again. Though the time the drives runs is very short, even shorter than some drives take to start moving a ship. Within that time ships can travel anywhere from 500 to 5000 light years, making the drive the fastest drive to be built to date.

Will 24 invented the reality drive for his brother commander Will, the drive was intended to replace his Star Runners Jump Drive for one that could get him much further and get him there much faster. On its first test it broke the record for longest space jump of over 2500 light years in 20 seconds, and still holds the record with a 70,000 light year jump in 35 seconds. And like all great advancements, it was created completely on accident, having never intending to create a drive capable of jumping into the fifth and most unstable layer of space in the universe.


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