Planet Hackers Part 6


Just as he had planned, to keep the core from exploding the fail safe would use the buildup of energy dumping it into the shields, maintenance systems, and everything on the ship that used energy. Then it would bump the rest into a high-energy laser weapon the ship had and continue to fire it until the overload was averted. But Will had changed this fail-safe just a bit, by disconnecting everything from the ship’s core except the artificial gravity and the shields. Then switching the shield connections to the connections for the weapons the computer would push all the energy from the over loading core into the only two places it had. This would produce a large magnetic and gravity field around the ship’s shield. This field would expand as the energy built up causing the energy to be used up at the same rate at which it was created, keeping the engine core form exploding and protecting the ship. Will watched as the magnetic field pulled more and more of the ships and other wreckage to it.

His plan was set all he had to do at this point was wait, he figured the core of his ship could continue to overload for about two weeks. In that time the field should pull a large amount of debris into a ball, enough to cause a chain reaction that would cause the ball to grow to the size of a planet. Will floated through space as he watched as his plan slowly come together. As the time passed the ball grew in size and soon had its own gravity, beginning to pull parts of the nearby shell planets that floated by. He figured it would take about two weeks for all the wreckage to come together and once they did, it should give the mass they form enough gravity to pull down the larger parts of the shell planets and forming a normal planet like crust on the surface of the huge ball of wreckage.

Will floated through the graveyard slowly as he watched as everything came together, being one of The Brothers Will meant that even though he had no space suites he wouldn’t die even after a month in open space waiting for the alliance to arrive.

As he waited for the alliance to arrive, he watched as the ball grew. Soon it was twice the size of the Earth in comparison and started to develop its own atmosphere pulled from the many destroyed planets that floated around it. It was even better than he had though with only a few hours to go until the first ship would be arriving, he made his way out of the graveyard to the location the first ship was to arrive.

The first ships in the alliances to arrive were the perfect ones to arrive first; they were large Planet Movers, ships that were originally used to tow the planets to the graveyard many years ago. It was perfect the planet movers gave a few planets the push they needed to break apart and fall to the new one covering it with molten rock. The rock was then cooled by their massive engine cooling systems to form a stable other layer that would also seal everything within its core. The planet was done, Will then instructed the ships to hide in and around the destroyed planets that were closet to the new world, if anything were to make it in they would be stopped by the hidden ships weapons, completing the planets defenses.

The new world was finished, and as the Ships poured in by the thousand to fill the new world with people Will felt a sense of duty to make sure it went well. He ordered the smaller ships to land together at key points on the planet surface. Where he had them stripped down, using everything in the ship, from the power core to the environmental systems to produce and maintain a livable atmosphere, create rivers and lakes for water and power for the new buildings that would be built around them. While the larger ships were hidden between the wreckage to help defend the planet. The alliance had now found a new home and they looked to Will for leadership.

Looking at the people he had brought together, and helped to find and create this new world. He no longer wanted a lonely life, but he wanted to protect the people who followed him, and those who could not protect themselves. He had once again found a reason to call himself a member of The Brothers Will.

As the planet looked to him for leadership, he stood at the heights point on the planet, looking down on the new world of people. He then spoke broadcasting on every commutation frequency stimulatingly. “I am Will 6975 also known as Commander Will once the proud leader of the Galactic Union’s fighting force, now leader of Planet Hack and The Planet Hacks Alliance, we are a planet free from war, I welcome all those who wish to come and join us.” As his voice echoed out across the planet, the signal was broadcasted out to the galaxy for all to hear.

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