Planet Hackers Part 5


But without the Nanobots to fix the planet it would be a difficult, maybe impossible thing to do, after all a planet is very hard to build and even harder to make inhabitable. He looked for anything anywhere that could help him fix just one of the planets, but all he could find were broken ships that had either crashed trying to get through the system or that were bumped there after being stripped for parts. As his scanners scanned the graveyard for anything that might be able to help him, He thought about what his father had said.

For months on end, he thought about what his father had said as he searched for a way to fix or build a new planet, but everywhere he turned, it was a dead end. His frustration grew more and more with each passing day, he had to do something. He shot off all his weapons wanting to make something happened and something did. The shock wave from the weapons pushed him into a mass of ships that had been smashed together by the planets, it gave him an idea that he had never even consider before. If he can’t make or fix a real planet, why not just smash everything together that he could find until it made something that people could live on like a planet. After all, most of the people had never set foot on a real planet before, they had been running all their life going from ship to ship. As long as it was a safe place they would be more than happy to call it home, and the best part was he could do it. There was more than enough junk floating to do it and all he had to do was push the float junk into one place and get them to stay together.

He immediately contacted the alliance, telling them to bring everyone and everything they had to the graveyard. He instructed them to tow any ships, asteroids, and just any space junk in space that they came across. Once his instructions were given, he headed for one of the poles of the system being careful not to be destroyed in the process. He was going to start his plan for a new world and would need his ship in as good a condition as possible to start it.

Once he made it to the pole, he waited for a reply from the closest members of the alliance. He got his ship ready as he waited, a few hours passed and he got the reply he was waiting for. The first of the ships in the alliance would be there in one-month give or take a few days.

He now had one month before the alliance would begin to arrive and so he began his plan. Using his own ship’s power core he would build a planet, setting his ship to remote functions he left his ship. He floated away from his ship, then once he felt he had gone far enough away, he activated the ship’s core and set it to overload. As the engine approached the overload thresh hole its fail safe kicked in.

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