Planet Hackers Part 4


He searched the whole planet for signs of life, but he founded nothing, it couldn’t be. There was nothing on the planet but trees. So he returned to the lab with the intension of looking for something that could help him use the Nanobots. Hours of searching the computer databases and he found nothing that could help him, he came all this way and found just what he needed but it was useless to him. Nevertheless, he wasn’t going to give up until he found out how to use them one way or the other.

“The Nanobots cannot help you 6975.” Said a voice in the distance behind him, Will turned and there stood his father in the doorway of the lab. “But they must help me, I have nothing else that can.” Will replayed. “The Nanobots are meant to fix the earth they cannot create a planet, and even if they could they cannot leave this planet. You are looking in the wrong place; there is nothing on this planet that can help you son.” His father replied walking up to him. “Then what am I to do there is no other way for me to do anything.” Will replied as his father looked at him with a very weird smile. “My son look at all the planets that are floating through space in peace’s and what you saw at the Galactic Star. You have everything you need to do what you have to without my help.”

Will left the planet confused and frustrate if the Nanobots couldn’t help him, what could and how could a bunch of destroyed planets possibly help him? He sat in his ship as it darted through the galaxy, his mind filling with thoughts as to what his father’s words could mean. Growing more and more confused he looked at his Nav-system and thought about where he should go. There must be some place he could go that would be safe, somewhere that he could turn into a world for the alliance. His father’s words echoed loud in his mind as he looked at the Planetary graveyard in his Nav-system. That must be where his father wanted him to go he knew he would find the answer there.

He headed for the Planetary graveyard, the place where the mining companies of old had dumped all the planets that had been mined to a shell here to prevent them from being rescanned to be mined once more. The graveyard spanned three light years and had two blue giant stars at its center holding the system in place. Will sat in his ship and looked across at the many thousands of planets in the graveyard, as they orbited the large stars he could see millions of pieces that had broken off. Watching the masses of wreckage, his mind soon formed and Idea. What if he could get at least one of the planets to be habitable then the graveyard itself would protect the people on it after all no one comes into the graveyard it’s to dangers, and there is nothing there that would be of use to anyone.

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