Planet Hackers Part 3


As he looked on at the huge star he thought about a way to end the war, but really just a way to get everyone out of his head, but he couldn’t think of anything that would help him. Then out of nowhere, a very dumb thought came to his mind. Maybe he could destroy the galactic star, but that would destroy everything in the galaxy as well. This would be a bad idea not to mention it would mean having to answer to his brothers, that thought alone was enough to knock that dumb idea right out of his head.

He had no clue what to do then he thought maybe he could just live in his ship and hide among the billions of planets that orbited the galactic star. He knew no one had ever made it out from between the planets before. “That’s it!” He yelled. No one has ever made it through to the star itself because of the planets spinning around it, they would be destroyed, before they could get half way through the billions of planets, moons, asteroids and the few stars that orbited the Galactic star. Then he had a brilliant idea, which might actually be possible. What if somehow he could find a way to recreate the impenetrable orbit pattern of the star in a solar system. He would be able to send the refugees there, they would be safe, and more importantly out of his way.

He headed straight for Earth he knew it was the only place he would be able to find what he need, and the only person who could help him. Even though his brothers could easily help him, he didn’t feel like dealing with them at the moment. Upon reaching the Earth he headed to the North Pole everything that he needed was there the last time he was there he just hoped it was still there and still in working order. Though it might be a bit of a long shot.

He touched down and started his search for an opening to the labs that were once there, after searching for some time he finally found the entrance. It looked pretty worn but that was expected the lab had been there for thousands of years. It would be an amazing feat if anything still worked in it after all this time, but he figured it was worth a try, if it was anything he really needed that was broken he could at least try and fix it enough to get the data he needed.

He walked into the lab and the lights came on as if it were waiting for someone to enter. “Welcome back Commander Will, bringing the Galactic Union labs online. Is there anything I can do for you at this time sir?” The computer voice said over the intercom. “Please turn on the lights on the display cases and display all the contents of the test containers.” Will replayed, as he did the screen in front of him lit up and began to list the contents of everything that was stored in the labs and testing areas. As he watched the list go by all he could do was hope that what he needed was still there and had not turned to dust after all this time. “There it is. Computer display location of container 1156.” The computer displayed the room number and the shelf that the container was kept on, Will got the container, and opened it. “Good the Nanobots that my father created are still here and still in working order.” Now all that was left for him to do was find the one person that could use them.

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