Planet Hackers Part 2


The very space around this planet was soon filled with space stations of all kinds, as word of this world so far from the war and inhabited by a member of The Brothers Will spread. Even though he wanted nothing to do with these people, he had no choice but to watch them fill his home. Will knew he had to do something if he wanted to be left alone again. If this kept up for much longer, he would never have his world to himself again and so with the mindset of getting his home back he formed a plan. Though it was a bad one, in his mind it would be a good one if it worked. His plan was to form an alliance with those who had come to his planet. In exchange for his support, and putting his name as a member of the Brother Will behind the alliance, they would leave his world once a new safe one was found.

He would help them find a new world and a way to keep this world out of the war. His new alliance grew quickly as his promise of a new world and a way out of the war spread. Soon many interested in the alliance flocked to the small world. They had hopes of joining this new alliance that gave them hope in a hopeless galaxy. Within a matter of months ships were packed into the system to the point where there was almost no room to fit anything else. This desire to find a new world and be free, soon gave the alliance its very unusual, but well suited name, The Planet Hackers Alliance.

Though what the alliance offered was great, Will knew the only way he could even hope to get them all to leave was going to be to end the war somehow. Even if he found a new safe place for them, they wouldn’t go without him unless the war was over. Which was going to prove to be especially difficult seeing that the war had been going on for so long that some of the companies fighting in the war had no idea what they were fighting for anymore. These companies no longer even did mining, they had seen more profit in war and stealing than in mining, and so they had given mining up for the business of war. Becoming war mongers; but not just that it was the profit that had them hocked, they would never let the war end when it was making them so rich. What made matters even worse was the companies had grown to hate each other so much that they couldn’t sit down at a peace conference.

Though the situation seemed like it would never work out Will knew he had to find a way to make something work. He took his ship and all the information he would need to form a plan to bring peace to the galaxy, and headed for the Galactic star; the super huge star at the center of the galaxy. It stretched more than fifty light years across, and it is the force that keeps the galaxy together, this was his favorite place to go and think. The sheer size of this star made him see things more in perspective and helped him figure out what he had to do in times of confusion.

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