Planet Hackers Part 1


Planet hackers

It is the year 19060; four thousand years have passed since the downfall of the great Galactic Union. As a result of this lack of a law enforcement system, war has broken out between the great races of the galaxy over the few planets that have been left un-mined due to the union’s mining laws that once kept them safe.

Without the union to enforce the laws, these planets were no longer safe; whoever had the most power would now be able to mine them without intervention of the law. One after the next planet mining companies went to war fighting each other over who would be able to mine these planets. It became a bloody war as companies did anything for these planets, the money and power that would go to the victor was just too much to pass up. So much so that it fueled a war like no other spreading across the galaxy like a plague. As it did new weapons were created each more powerful than the last, even the very planets were used as weapons, soon the war became known as the great Gwar.

For hundreds of years the war was fought with no winner, many planets were destroyed and many were left without a home. Our story brings us to Will 6975. A descendant of the original Will cursed to wander the universe for all time. He lives on a small planet on the very edge of the galaxy. The war had not reached him as of yet, because of how far out he lived. Though he did know about the war he simply chooses not to take part in it, as did his brothers. This war was caused by greed of the rich that the brothers warned would happen. So they stayed out of it only helping to relocate those who choose not to fight. However, for Will 6975 it was different he had fought his war and lost when he was betrayed by the Galactic Union, since then he decided to stay out of the dealings of the galaxy and stay to himself. Unfortunately, this wasn’t meant to be as the war spread out even the small-uninhabited planet he lived on was soon affected.

Many came to the small planet after their home worlds were destroyed by the war. Will soon grew tired of these outsiders flocking to his world, making it a crowded place. Soon after they started coming he couldn’t take it, he had been living on the planet alone before the war even started, and he like being alone. He wanted to be alone again to live in peace away from anyone else and he was willing to do whatever he had to in order to get rid of those who were invading his home. However, it seemed as though luck wasn’t on his side, despite all his efforts, he couldn’t get any of the new comers to leave. But how could he they had nowhere else to go, after all, the only places untouched by the war were worlds that a member of The Brothers Will called their home. No one was willing to go up against them in a fight or risk getting them involved in the war and so his small world like many others became home to many seeking to flee from the war.

Continues in Planet Hackers Part 2

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