Planet Hack

Name: Planet Hack

Planet Type: Man made super giant
Built by Commander Will, It is located among the many hundreds of shells left from plants that have been mined out and left floating in the planetary graveyard. The planet was built from the hundreds of wrecked ships, and the shell of the planets in the graveyard, with a Gravity drive at its core.

Built to support many different forms of life, the planet uses the gravity drive to control the gravity across the planet, allowing it to have more the fifty different gravitational pulls, which in turn allows for over 300 different atmospheric conditions.  Which are controlled and maintained by atmosphere generators, plants, and air scrubbers. Making it the only planet, to have extreme atmospheric conditions not related to weather, and one of a very few number of planets where the weather never changes.

The planet uses a three-part defense system to fend off the many attackers. Starting with its location at the center of the planter graveyard. The wreckage of planets and ships are in a constantly changing orbit; along with each having a different gravitational pull makes it impossible to navigate the system without guidance. Next comes the planet’s laser defiance grid; a set of ships places around the planet in the wreckage to hide themselves, firing on anything that has not been cleared to approach the planet. Last a defense network on the planet made up of everything from small lower power lasers, to large plasma cannons and Grav-bomb launchers. All pointed straight up ready to fire on anything that gets too close to the planet.

The planet was created as the home world for the Planet Hackers Alliance and to be a new better home for all who had lost their homes in the Gwar. It was to be a safe place of escape from the war, and it did just that with its ruler commander Will (Will 6975) never resting forever its proctor.

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