Planet Diving

Planet diving the extreme sport of the 55th century

Deception: Planet diving is the final version of sky diving, but with a twist there are no Para shoots. The person is fitted with a special Antigravity suite which will slow their fall at the last possible second allowing them to land safely. But still at a high speed just not hard enough to cause fatal or permanent damage.

The second part and maybe the most important is that the diver jumps, well it’s more of a being hurled from a spacecraft of some kind towards a planet, where the name Planet Diving comes from. Typically, this is done from a distance of almost .1 light minutes away allowing the diver to fly through space for a few hours before reaching the planet’s atmosphere and begging reentry to the atmosphere. In a sense, it’s like sightseeing in space up close and personal at breakneck speeds, and without a space ship.

For those who are less of a sight seeker they can take the quick heart pounding near death thriller. Which is to be lunched from the moon orbiting the planet or from a ship in the planets outer atmosphere at unbelievable speeds.

Creation: Created as a way of showing that the Antigravity suite worked; but was later turned into a way of testing the Antigravity suite with dead weight before they were sold. Showing off the suite capability’s to potential buyers. However, a few years after the suites were perfected they were used by thrill seekers to get up close and personal with danger.

Dangers: Death due to failure of either the Antigravity suite, or the failure of the space suite, shock due to slowing, and gravity change sickness. As well as heart failure and due to shock and or fright.

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