Open Seas Part 7

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As the smoke cleared from around his ship, the pirates on board the lead ship looked to see what wreckage if any was still left of the ship for them to pillage. Will’s crew open their eyes in shock their captain stood tall guns smoking, the blood drenched shirt he had on was ripped to pieces from the rate at which he was moving. The large red tattoo of the numbers 7764 on his back seem to almost glow as if being burned into his skin for the first time.

His eyes glowing like fire, his face aged and, filled with pain. There was silence. “Deactivate Star-core.” Wills voice was calm as he looked up to the skies. The silence was then broken by the cries of pirates as their ships began to sink.

Will spoke, his voice was soft but it could be heard for miles. “I am Will 7764, Captain Will of the Sun’s shadow and this is my crew, we are the first of the Pirate Hunters Union. You took our lives from us and we will not rest till every pirate pays for what they have done.” His guns rose, as the ten remaining pirate ships began to turn to flee, but it was too late, he fired, his shots slowly, he didn’t have to be fast but they were dead on target. They tore into the ships hitting the armoires of the ships, one after the next, setting off the gunpowder, causing the ships to go up in flames.

He returned his guns to their holsters; a smile came across his face as he spoke to his crew. “Hoist the sails, and set our heading to north it’s time we had some shore leave.” Will walked to the bow of the ship and sat, his crew packed the weapons back into the ship and lifted the mass. The battle was now over and the largest pirate army every to assembled was now just floating wreckage behind their ship as it sailed off. Will’s eyes faded from sliver back to their normal color as he wondered what was next, the battle was over, and the great age of parities was now coming to its end, with a relaxed smile he spoke closing his eyes as he drifted off to sleep. “It time for something new.”

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