Open Seas Part 6

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Will lay on the deck of his ship, his body covered in blood, the arm that had been hit by the cannon shoot looked as if it was only being held in place by his shirt. He moved the other hand and pushed himself up, he then stood to his feet, his right arm dangled as if it were going to fall off at any moment. He looked straight ahead then smiled. “Is that all you got.” He said as blood ran from his mouth and dripped from his body, his left arm rose, and his eyes glowed sliver. Everyone stood frozen with a look of awe. “Is he really going to keep fighting with just one arm?” Questioned a crewmember.

Will’s arm flexed as he pulled the trigger, the shoot flew through the air string at the enemy. His men quickly jumped back to man the cannons opening fire as soon as they could. The enemy ships opened fire again this time they were intent on destroying Will’s ship. Will kept offsetting the enemy shots to keep his ship safe but he was approaching his limit. The hits he took had done a lot more damage to his body than he thought, and only being able to use one hand was pushing him to his limit even faster. However, Just as he reached his limit the shots stopped and, it went quite every enemy ship had ceased their fire. Something big was going to happen Will knew what was coming and he knew he couldn’t handle it in his current state, even if both of his hands were perfect, if they were planning what he thought he wouldn’t be fast enough.

“Please stop this now you still have a chance to walk away with what little loses you have now!” Will yelled, his voiced echoing so every ship could hear. The pirates looked on laughing mocking him as they took aim. “Ready men, on my mark… FIRE!” The pirate captain’s voiced echoed out. Will closed his eyes as the loud crackling explosion of all the pirate ships firing at once filled the air. Every eye aboard Will’s ship was closed as they awaited their deaths.

Will spoke two words. Star-core activate.” Will’s eyes glowed a bright yellow; it was as if the sun itself burned within them. His Body healed in an instant, he could see everything around him slowing almost to a stop. He didn’t waste even a moment he took aim and fired.

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