Open Seas Part 5

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The cannon balls that were fired finally began raining down on the enemy ships, ripping into them one after the next.

“That was just a warm up for us; I’m giving you the chance to walk away now. But know if you fight us none of you will be leaving this place.” Will’s voice echoed out for miles, he lowered his weapons as he waited to see what they would do. The pirates lead ship raised it’s sails high as if it were turning around, then it opened fire. “If that’s what they want that’s what they will get.” Will said to his crew.

He raised his hand and opened fire shooting much faster than he was before, his bullets tearing through the ships hitting their targets every time. The ships were thrown into chaos as the bullets ripped through the ropes of the sails, through their masses and their crew. Will’s crew then opened fire raining down cannon fire on the pirate ships in all direction. The Pirates opened fire one after the next, as they got closer. Will then turned to his helms man, get us moving its time we go through. The helms man took hold of the wheel and turned the engines on, as Will stood at the head of the ship firing into the oncoming ships.

The Sun’s Shadow rushed forward straight towards the hoard of ships ahead, they fired the cannons. Their shoots tore through the enemy ships one after the next. It looked like they were going to pass right through until more of the other ships opened fire, one after the next they came into firing range and as they did, they fired everything they had. Will’s attention was pulled from attacking the enemy ships to defending his own ship and his crew by any means necessary. He jumped up onto the two main cannons at the head of the ship and began his defense, shooting at the cannon balls, hitting everyone knocking it off its course so none would hit his ship. However, the closer they got to the enemy ships the more he had to shoot, it was becoming too much even for him.

CRASH! A cannon ball went straight into his ship then another, then a cannon ball hit him and took his arm with it then another one came flying straight for him. In a flash he was ripped from the ship and sent flying, as he hit the water everyone stopped firing. They stared at the water looking for signs of life.

The pirate ships began to close in to take their ship, without a captain they no longer needed to keep firing they had lost. A few minutes passed as the ship was slowly surrounded and Will’s crew lost hope. Then a shadow appeared in the water, it grew larger and closer to the surface. It was Will, as he surfaced his crew rushed to pull him out of the water, even after being hit by cannon fire he still had his guns griped tightly in his hands.

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