Open Seas Part 4

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The ship had been transformed, from a high-speed ship to a deadly battle ship ready to fight a war. They were hundreds of cannons pushing out from every side of the ship on all three decks. The sail and mass were dropped to make room for the biggest of the cannons, four huge fifty foot cannons. Two facing straightforward and two facing straight back. The cannons backs pushes against each other holding themselves in place. The huge cannons locked into placed and the crew loaded them, their operators sat in place and took aim dead center of the enemy ships. They were ready to fight a war and they weren’t planning on losing.

Will suddenly move both his guns straight to the head of the crewmember that had spoken earlier and spoke. “You know I should shoot you dead for setting us up like this, but I won’t kill you but you will be getting off my ship now.” “What are you talking about captain?” The crewmember asked while shaking. “Don’t play dumb with me; you were the only person on this ship who wasn’t uneasy or surprised by all of this, that and your green.”

The traitor was pulled from in front of Will and thrown overboard. Will’s hands moved back pointed straight at the closes ship then he spoke again. “Get ready men on my mark give it everything we have were going through.” “But captain there more ships in front of us than any other side why not turn.” A crewmember asked. Will looked at him with a grin and replayed. “It’s simple no one will ever expect us to go straight through all the ships ahead of us and so we will. Now man those cannons and get ready it begins now!” His voiced echoed out from the ship with the voices of his crew cheering as they waited for his mark. Will took aim at the oncoming ship, his eyes change once again glowing brighter as they became completely sliver. He could see everyone on the other ship now, it was as if he was standing next to them, he took aim at their captains shoulder and fired.

His first shoot was dead on going straight through the shoulder of the captain standing on the first ship, he fired again and again, one shot after the next, shooting faster and faster with each shot, all hitting their target. Their captain opening fire was the mark they were waiting for; they instantly opened fire on the enemy ships, aiming the cannons high into the sky as they fired. Will’s shots paused for a moment as he waited for the cannon balls to hit their target. That was just the begging, but he had to give them one last chance before he attacked seriously.

His crew moved quickly reloading every cannon within seconds they were ready to fire once again. Standing with their aim locked on the enemy ships they waited for their captain to give the word to begin the full attack.

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