Open Seas Part 2

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They were forced to surrender the ship and everything they had. Will and his crew were then taken to a small desert island. “Why are you doing this to us, you have the ship and everything we own, why not just leave us at a dock somewhere?” Will asked the leader of the pirates as he stood to his feet after being pushed from his ship. The leader looked back at him with a grin. “Because if the crew of this ship is dead, there will be no one to say we aren’t the crew.” He said with a laugh as the ship pulled away from the island.

Three days past, and by a stock of insane luck, the other two cargo ships pasted by the island and saw them. The other two ships had changed their routes after seeing an approaching storm, and the new route sent them right by the island that Will and his crew were stranded on, but it wasn’t all good news. Having lost the trade union’s flagship, Will and his crew were not only fired from the trade business, but their reputation was slandered, it was so bad that they couldn’t get any trade jobs with anyone. They soon lost everything, Will and his crew were left with nothing, they even lost their families.

So for the sake of his crew he decided to ask his brother to help him build a new ship, within weeks they had built the new ship with the help of the crew. He called it The Sun’s Shadow, it was faster than any other ship on the seas, and it was powerful, having cannons that could fire faster and further, than nearly any other ship on the seas. And with it they became the most feared pirate hunters to roam the seas.

Over the next ten years, the crew sailed the seas looking for just one clue to the whereabouts of the ones that had caused them to lose everything. In that time they captured more pirates than all of the navy’s forces, and bounty hunters had been able to do since the age of pirates started, almost fifty years earlier. All in the hopes that one of them might have a clue to where they could find the pirates that had set the trap for them years before, but it seemed as though no matter where they went or how many pirates they captured, No one knew anything that could help them.

After searching for what felt like an eternity, they were at their limit. They began to lose hope that they would ever find the ones that took everything from them.

As they sailed the seas they could feel that something was wrong, it had been close to two months since they had seen any other ships. Pirate ships were normally coming after them in swarms, how could they not have seen even one for two months. Not only that, but how could they not even see one trade ship, navy ship, or any sailors at all. They must have been going in circles, but that wasn’t possible they would know if they were going in circles, something else must be wrong. As the atmosphere on the ship grew more restless with each passing day, Will knew something was going to go wrong soon. He could feel that something was coming.

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