Open Seas Part 1

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Open Seas

It is the year 1420; the peak of the great pirate age is at hand. Pirate ships roam the seas pillaging, destroying, and cause havoc wherever they go. Navy ships set sail from all over the world in hopes of beating them.

However, they weren’t doing this out of kindness, hate, or even duty, no they were doing it out of greed. You see, one of the world’s richest men is looking for a man by the name of Captain Will, the captain of the infamous pirate hunter ship the Sun’s Shadow. However, he doesn’t just want to find him, he wants him dead, and his head brought to him. You may ask why does this man want Will dead so badly, what could he have possibly done to him.

Well, it all started ten years earlier, Will was the captain of a trade ship known as the Riding Wind. It was the fastest trade ship to set sail. So fast, in fact that it had never been robbed, or caught by any other ship until that one day.

It was a calm, cloudy day, as the ship traveled to a small trade island as it did every mouth as part of its trade route. They arrived at the small island and off loaded the food supplies that they had brought with them. After which they loaded the tobacco onto the ship, which was their payment for the food they brought. The crew decided to have a few drinks on the town while the captain finish up his paperwork. They weren’t in very much of a rush, seeing that they were a few days ahead of the other two cargo ships that they were traveling with.

The next morning the crew got the ship ready to set sail, everything was perfectly normal and it was a perfect day for sailing, calm waters, and steady strong winds blew across the waters. However, as they prepared to leave the docks things started to go wrong. Pirate ships moved out from behind the far side of the island heading straight for the docks. The crew cut the lines holding them to the dock and drew the sails up as fast as they would go. The boat left the docks with the speed it was known for, quickly pulling away from the pirates that followed them.

Just as they were pulling ahead of the pirate ships, they saw two ships coming towards them. The ships had the trader’s union flags, but they couldn’t be trade ships. The trade ships that followed them were still almost two days behind them. “Turn the ship, it’s a trap!” Will’s voice echoed across the ship, sending the crew into action. The ship leaned as it began to turn, but as it did, another ship came into sight, straight in front of them. Before they could even turn, they could see more ships closing in on them from all sides, they had been setup, and they had fallen right into the trap. Soon they saw the dark black skull covered pirate flags being pulled up on every ship in sight.

Continues in Open Seas Part 2

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