Technology type: Nanotechnology

Inventor: Will 24

Deception: Nannies are the first and most powerful piece of cursed technology; they are Nanotech at its best. Nannies consist of two parts, the first of which is called a control cell, named for its size and function. A control cell is an organic cell of a living being that contains a control system. Being placed in a living cell the control system functions like a living organism, allowing it to function using the cell as its power source. Control cells perform one function and that is to control its counterpart partial bots.

Partial bots are subatomic particles that are controlled by control cells, because partial bots are hundreds of times smaller than the particles that make up a single atom the laws of physics no longer apply to them. Meaning they are able to be in more than one place at once, they have no charge, and they can exceed the speed of light without using energy by riding on the pulls that whole atoms together.

Though they need no energy to function they do need energy to hold themselves together, a sort of built-in fail safe to prevent their base function from backfiring. The partial bots have one base function, as long as they have enough energy they replicate. They do this at a rate of double once per minute until they are given orders to stop or enter standby. When in standby the particle bots return to whatever they were before being converted, this way instead of destroying something to make copies of themselves they simply become that object. Meaning, if they run out of power they returned to the object they once were instead of becoming dust.

Nannies work by moving and resembling the particles that make up all matter, such as protons, neutron, and electrons, allowing them to build anything out of anything, building on a sub atomic leave they can convert elements into other elements. However, unlike any other Nanotech they can do much more than just build things. They can become anything that can be thought of by building that object out of themselves on a subatomic leave; creating any element imaginable. They can also repair anything, including living cells, allowing them to extend life indefinitely.

However, what they are known for best is their ability to give extraordinary abilities to living beings. Giving them extreme strength, speed, stamina, and never-ending life, healing their bodies within seconds. Extending their natural abilities to its max and adding ones that not even technology can copy. Allowing theses being to reach into their minds and gain any ability they can imagine. From shape sifting, time travel, even the ability to control energy itself. This makes any being infused with Nannies a cursed being. However, as a finial fail safe both the control cell and partial bots are needed for them to work, they are useless by themselves, seeing that the control cells need the partial bots to replicate, and the partial bots need the control cells to provide them with energy they need to be held together.


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