My New Life Part 9

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Three years have passed since that faith full night when I last saw him. Every day since I have lost a little more of my past, but I gained more and more knowledge. Knowledge of worlds no one else will ever see, the lives of these brothers, their universe, and what made them who they were. Though I have learned much, it is still hard to understand much of what my mind holds. There are so many bits, and pieces of so many different events, different worlds, different races, and technology, all spread out over a vast amount of time I couldn’t even fully understand.

For now, I don’t know why I was the one chosen to receive this knowledge but I know I want more of it. The bits and pieces aren’t enough, the dreams of magnificent worlds, technology, strange beings of all sorts, fill my mind as I sleep but still I want more, maybe that’s why I was chosen.

A lot more has changed in me than just having these dreams. No, by far that is the least of the changes that have happened to me so far. My body has become cold to the touch, my heart has slowed almost to a stop, my breathing shallow and slow, my muscles weak unable to lift their own weight. It’s as though my body is being forced to be alive. However, I am stronger than ever, I no longer feel tired though I rarely sleep, and my wounds heal leaving no trace that they were ever there. Maybe it’s the Nannies those small machines that are in me now, I can feel them flowing through my body keeping it alive, and keeping it working. Though I cannot control them, I know they are there, doing what I will them to do unconsciously.

I am now somewhere in between being alive and dead, being kept alive by the machines in my blood. With each passing day, I change even more, but I understand why I am changing. Why I don’t yet understand the knowledge that I have been given. I have many questions that are yet to be answered, but I know they will be answered soon.

I am changing into something else, something not human, something that would be able to understand all the knowledge that I have been given. Something that will not be afraid of what is coming to this world. I may not know what it is yet, but I do know one thing.

It’s big.

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