My New Life Part 8

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“The painful part is over now; your brain has been successfully reconfigured to allow for the download process, your past has also been erased, who you were is no more, and our memories have begun to download to your mind. Over the next few years, you will become a new person, your past will be our past your life will be ours, and you will become our voice. Your body has for the most part just died but the Nannies that flow through your body have been full activated, they will keep you alive until they can fully repair your body and restore it to what is normal for a human. Try not to overdo it, they can only heal so much damage in a normal human like you.” He said with a tone of accomplishment.

“What! You never said anything about dying!” I yelled. “I thought it was understood you would have to give up your humanity, it’s a small price for your new life.” He answered. I was growing angrier by the second. Even if this was a dream, I was not going to stand for this anymore after all it was my dream and I’m taking control.

“Before I go there is just one last thing, you are now one of my brothers and like the rest of us you need to pick a name though I’m not sure you can but you can try. Closes your eyes and clear your mind, the first number that comes…” I interrupted him. “My name is Will number seven seven seven.” I spoke in anger, as I look him in the eyes. “Very will 777 that will be your…” I interrupted him once again. “This is the last time I see you ever!” He laughed as he spoke. “As you wish brother.” He smiled his eyes turned sliver as he faded into the air.

I washed my face. “That was some dream.” I said with my face in my towel. I jumped back as I looked up at the mirror, then I looked closer my eyes had changed they were completely sliver, like his were, they didn’t even have any white in them. “This just can’t be there’s no way, it was all a dream wasn’t it?” I said in confusion as I gazed into my new sliver eyes. “What am I going to do? If that was all real. What have I gotten myself into?” My eyes seemed to be swirling now, the sliver started to fade, and my eyes were normal again. I looked closed well they were normal now but I didn’t have purple eyes. “Wrong color my eyes were brown before but I guess this is better than sliver.” My eyes went completely sliver once again then back to their normal dark brown, I smiled “That’s better; whatever I got myself into there was no point in panicking now, and who knows this might be fun.”

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