My New Life Part 7

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I jumped from my bed and ran to the mirror was it a bad dream I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t care whether or not it was real; it was over now and my eyes were fine, there was no blood on my cloths so it must have been a dream. The following day and every day after that night, the pain grew less and my mind healed it forgot the past two pain filled years and dismissed them.

Three years to the day had passed since that night I had that strange dream of that man. I was in the park; it had been such a nice day when he walked up. “Hello my young brother it’s time to finish what was started, take my advice, go home and rest you have a lone night ahead of you.” Then he was gone, I looked around the park no one else seemed to have seen him. I must be going crazy, or maybe I was too hot. I left the park quickly thinking there must be something wrong with me. Was I seeing things? Was I sick? Something must be wrong. That couldn’t have just happened, that guy isn’t real.

That night I awoke to the place, as before there was nothingness all around me and there he was he had not changed even a bit as if time had stood still for him the past three years. “I’m ready just get it over with.” I said to him, thinking this must be another dream I wasn’t planning on fighting it this time I wanted it done as fast as possible so I could wake up. I was going to see someone about these dreams in the morning this was going to be the last crazy dream I had, I was going to make sure of it.

He looked at me his eyes turned sliver. “Let’s begin, full integration of all active Nannies begin, program alpha 777 start.” My body jerked as every muscle in my body tighten; pain filled my body like never before as if every part of my body was being ripped apart. Blood run from my eyes and ears as I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Just a little more and it will be all over, began download at lowest speed.” I screamed as my mind went blank I could feel my memories, thoughts, everything that I was fade, within minutes my childhood was gone all that remained was the past three years of pain. The pain lessened and stopped, I stopped screaming. “Is it over now?” I asked as tears of blood still ran from my eyes. He looked back at me with a smile.

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