My New Life Part 6

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It was now completely silence, the pain pushed my mind to it limit as my body tried to shut itself down. My lungs gave way, I stopped breathing, I felt my heart slow and come to a stop. Somehow, I was still alive, the pain grew still, I reach my limit after what seemed like weeks, and then my mind gave way.

I woke up sweating in my bed. I jumped up and looked around my room. “Did I just have a bad dream? It must have been but it felt so real.” I said as I began to stand, I stood up then unbelievable pain shot up my spine into my head and knock me back down. “Oh no it was real? No it couldn’t be it was just a dream and it was over now.” I slowly made my way to my feet and got something to drink as I returned I looked in the mirror in my room.

There seem to be something written on it, it took a while for me to be able to read what it said. “I will see you in three years to complete the imprint.”

The next week my head started to hurt as I sat in class it was not hurting much, so I didn’t think much of it until I got home that day and laid down. It seemed to get a little better but not by much so I decided to go fine something for it. As I tried to stand up pain shoot through my body and back up to my head like a wave knocking me right back down. The pain continued to come in waves like this every day for the next two years getting just a bit worst with each passing day.

Two years passed like this and the pain was now unbearable no painkillers worked, no doctor could find a problem, yet still it got worst.

One night I woke, the pain had gotten much worst that night, much more than it normally did. My head felt as if it was about to explode each beat of my heart sent blood ripping through my head, the pain was killing me, I tried scream but nothing came out, my voice wouldn’t work.

I crawled from my bed to my feet and to the bathroom, there must be something I could take that would at least put me to sleep. I flipped the lights on, and was blinded by the bright light, it burned my eyes, and it felt as if spikes were being shoved into them, tears filled my eyes as I closed them tightly. My eyes adjusted slower than they ever had before and as they finally did, I wiped my face. I looked up to the mirror, I could see tears of blood coming from my blood red eyes, I jumped back. “I’m going to die.” I felt my legs give out.

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