My New Life Part 5

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He looked straight into my eyes and spoke in a very serious tone. “I have taken you outside of time and space as you know it; this is the only place I can make sure this process goes off without killing you.” “What!” I yelled out as I turned to run, but there was nothing anywhere, no ground, no sky, I was stuck floating in nothingness. “Calm down, true this will hurt more than anything you will ever feel in your entire life but it will be worth it in the end. You will become what you were meant to be. And it’s a bit too late to turn back now the process has already begun. I recommend you let me do it right so you don’t die. Now take a deep breath and try your best to relax.”

I closed my eyes taking a deep breath, as I did I tried not to think about anything, but all I could think was this must be a dream it’s too crazy not to be. After all the first time I saw him, it was a dream and there is no way this was really happening I might as well go with it.

“Now what do I do now?” I asked. “Nothing you’re doing good just try to keep your mind clear.” He said as I opened my eyes, he put his hands together and spoke softly and seriously. As if what he was saying was of grave importance. “Run imprint program 777, subject Human, male, age twelve. Begin imprint process at ten present.” As his words finished I felt something moving through the hand he had poured the liquid in first, then the second hand. At first it was just my hands, then it began to spread throughout my whole body. “Increase imprint rate to fifty present.” He spoke once more as he did, I could feel my body heat up. It started to burn; it was as if my blood was boiling. A few minutes passed like this before he spoke again. “Active all systems, complete imprint now.” He said and as he did the pain grew, I felt as if I was on fire. I screamed out as the pain grew more and more it was like nothing I had ever felt before, I could feel every inch of my body, and it was in pain that just kept getting worst and worst. I could feel my heart beat; with every beat, it felt as if it was, pushing red-hot knives through my vines.

My cries echoed through the darkness but there was nothing and no one to help me I was lost in a world of pain, I soon lost track of time. It seemed as if I was in pain for day’s maybe weeks my screams eventually grew weak as my lungs gave way to the pain.

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