My New Life Part 4

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He just laughed. “Well I mean our as in me and my brothers story, I saved your life a few years ago and told you we would meet again. Well now I’m calling on you to repay your death, we need your help.” I looked at him thinking I might as well play along if it will get him to leave. “What do you need me to do; I will help with what I can even though I don’t see how I can.” He looked at me and spoke. “Thank you so much. What you have to do is simple just tell our stories.” “What stories? I don’t know any of them, or you for that matter.” I said in confusion. “Well you will know them when the time is right, but in order for you to know them you will have to give up your past. However, in return for the few years you give up you will gain the life and experiences of me and my brothers. Though it may not seem like much to you, to get our experiences but I promise it will be more that worth it.”

I looked at him completely confused thinking this guy must have lost his mind, how am I going to give up my past, and how am I going to get the life of other people. “Okay I will but how are you going to do that?” I said with a very doubting smirk on my face.

He looked at me and pulled a small glass bottle from his pocket. “This liquid will do all the work though it will take some time for the process to work.” I looked at him as though he lost his mind. “I’m not drinking anything from you, I don’t know you.” Just in case this wasn’t a dream, I wasn’t doing anything dumb like drinking that. He laughed and spoke. “You don’t drink it, though you could if you wanted but that’s not what it’s for, it will be much easier to show you than to tell you. Are you ready to begin?” I looked at him. “Okay, ready as I can be for something I don’t know anything about.” I said as I tried to think of a way to get away from him. He looked straight at me his palms made a fist and tighten. I looked on wondering what was going on. He stayed motionless like that for a few minutes, and then suddenly he smiled and spoke.

“Here we go.” His eyes turned sliver, the room grew dark and cold, I felt the ground fade from under my feet, and just as I was going to start freaking out. “Open your hands.” I heard his voice from behind the darkness and the thought that this was all a dream came back to my mind. I stretch my hands forward and opened them as he poured out the liquid into my palms. It was cold like ice but hot at the same time, a strange ice like fire. It seemed to vanish as it hit the skin in the palms of my hand. As I watched the liquid, I realized what I was doing and started to panic inside. “What on earth was I doing am I going crazy?” I screamed out in my mind.

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