My New Life Part 3

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A few years had passed; I was now about twelve years old, no longer living on the small island I use to call home. Now I was living in Florida, I had all but forgotten about my life on islands.

It was a normal hot day in Florida some time during my middle school year. I had come home from school extra tired that day and went to sleep as soon as I got home. I woke up in the middle of that night looking for something to eat, seeing that I hadn’t eaten anything when I had gotten home from school that day, and was extremely hungry, because of it. After eating, I came back to my room, as I opened the door, I almost screamed out.

I thought I had seen someone but maybe I was wrong, I closed the door and as I turned back around there was someone there. Before I could yell, his hand was over my mouth and he spoke. “Don’t yell it’s me Will. Don’t you remember? I pulled you out of the water a few years ago saving your life. I’m going to move my had now please don’t yell I have to ask you a few questions.” He moved his hand, I stood in shock a million questions going through my mind, and how did he get here? How did he find me? Moreover, what does he want? However, the only thing that came out of my mouth was. “That was a dream it never happened so this must be a dream to.”

He looked at me as if I was telling a joke. “That day did happen my young friend; I did pull you to safety that day when you were pulled into the water; you are very lucky I was on my way to see one of my brothers at the time. Now for why I am here I need your help. But first I’ll answer the questions that I know you’re thinking about.”

I looked at him and only said. “Okay” He kept on talking. “Well first my name is Will Ten Thousands, and despite the way I look I am not human in fact I’m not even from your time period, or universe for that matter.” I looked at him in confusion and disbelief, the only thoughts in my mind were, this guy must be out of his mind, he should be locked up, but how did he get in my room? He just kept talking. “I know you’re asking yourself how I got into your room and what I want? Well its simple I walked in, and I need your help to tell my… well our story” I interrupted him. “What do you mean our? I don’t know you.”

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