My New Life Part 2

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I looked back to see where my parents were and what they were doing, but my brother and sister were distracting them at the moment. Yes, I thought no one noticed I had run off, I turned back as the water ran up to my toes. I took a few steps forward and began to wash the sand off the object in the water. I just had to know what it was. Just as I finished cleaning the object and began to stand to my feet, a wave hit me knocking me off my feet and pulled me in and under the water.

I was caught by the tide instantly, being pull further, and further out to sea. I did not know what to do or how to stop myself from being pulled deeper and further out. I couldn’t help but scream as my head surfaced for a second, but it was no use I was pulled under too quickly, my scream was muffled by the icy waters as it rushed in to my lungs. My only thoughts were this is what I get for not paying attention to anything, as I was pulled deeper in to the icy waters.

My body grew cold and numb, I closed my eyes as the darkness closed in around me, it was over. I felt my body stop suddenly. Did someone hear me? No, no one could have heard me; there was no sound when I screamed out. I felt another pull as I blacked out; it was too late for me now. I felt a weight on my chest as it pushed down, and out came the waters that filled my lungs.

My eyes open before me I saw a figure. At first, I thought it was my father but I soon saw that it was not. He looked down at me and spoke. “Good you’re okay my name is Will, remember me you will be seeing me again.” He smiled and seams to vanish into nothingness. I couldn’t understand what had just happen or if this person was even real but it didn’t matter. I felt great; as I thought I was okay, my parents came running up to me asking me what I was doing laying in the sand completely wet.

Well I didn’t say anything I was caught but they didn’t know what had happened to me and within a few days of getting back home I had forgotten about the whole thing. A few months passed and that day came to mind, I wondered if it was real maybe I knew the person it seemed like I did he seemed familiar somehow but I didn’t know maybe I had saw him somewhere before. That was the last time I had thought about that day for a long time.

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