My New Life Part 1

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My New Life

My name is William D Ollivierre; I was born February 17th 1991 on a small island called Bequia. I was one of those unusual children; you know the ones I mean. They are always getting hurt by just random things or walking into things like walls, yes that was me, the kid that was always complaining and crying causes they got hurt. Nevertheless, the fact that I was constantly getting hurt, getting into accidents, and just plain not paying attention to anything is the reason I am the person I am now. Let me think back to how it started.

My story begins when I was six years old turning seven in 2 months , me and my family were on vacation, I am not too sure where but I do know we were staying very close to the beach almost on it in fact. We spent most of our time out in the city, looking around, shopping, and seeing what was there to be seen. Two days before we were going to leave and head back home we decided that the next day we would go relax on the beach, go swim, and enjoy the last day we had before we packed up everything and went back home.

The next day a storm started to roll in, it was just a small one, and so we decided to go walking on the beach for a while until the storm got closer to land and the weather got bad. I was told to stay close to my mother or my father, to make sure I was always in there sight, I was not to wander off for any reason what so ever, and most of all to stay away from the water.

The wind was making the waves of the water crash into the sand and pulling everything in, even if I could swim which at the time I couldn’t the waters would still be too rough for me to handle.

I tried my best to follow my mother’s instructions and stayed closes by to everyone else making sure I kept looking back so I could stay only a few steps away from my parents. But, I saw something glittering in the sand and it instantly got my full attention. I had to know what it was, so I walked closer and closer to it looking back to make sure someone could still see me, as I got closer.

A gust of wind blew by filling the air with sand, and picking up the object and carrying it high into the air, I ran off after the object trying my best to keep the sand out of my eyes as I ran. The wind stopped and the object fell to the ground, I walked up to it rubbing my eyes from the sand that had gotten into it, the object was right in front of me, I leaned over and pulled it from the sand.

Continues in My New Life Part 1

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