Jack Part 9


9725 was still taking things out from miles away none of the droids had even went in his direction and I got to say he was making them fall like flies in a fly trap. “You guys, this is getting out of hand and you need to get out of there soon before the full planets security system kicks in.” I said over the com as I opened up the case they had left with me, I was just hoping that it would help me find a way to get them off the planet seeing that none of them could actually fly. Yeah that fact really got under my skin, I mean really of all the things they chooses to not learn before defecting The Brothers Will, why did flying have to be one of those things. I mean why couldn’t they have left after they learned to fly I mean it would have made it much easier to get away if they could fly.

I opened the latches for the case and pulled the lid open. I was just stunned by what I found inside. I mean really why was this even here I reached into the case and pulled out a brown and white teddy bear. Then looked under it expecting it to be there just to cover up something that was useful. “What is wrong with them why on earth is there a teddy bear in this box am I going crazy or are they all insane.” I yelled out in anger, I squeezed it and threw it as hard as I could into the air. “Ahhh, what is wrong with you, it’s not nice to throw people around you know. I mean you don’t see me throwing you around like that do you.”

The voice was coming from the teddy bear I had just threw, and it was angry. I looked up to watch it flip and kick off a tree that was there, lunching itself right back to land on the monitor in front of me. I was stunned to the point where I just looked at it with my mouth wide open. My mind went blank for a bit then the thoughts came running in, why was there a cute talking teddy bear in front of me. “Look here you I will not stand for this kind of treatment, I am royalty, and you must respect me for I am King Fluffy ruler of the land of all things cute and fluffy.” It said in a voice that would make you hug a rampaging monster.

“Wait! This can’t be happening you’re a toy my niece has once like you, the talking King Fluffy. Something has to be wrong here.” I said panicking and shaking the case upside down hoping something else would fall out. “Oh clam down it was just a joke, man you should have seen your face when I said that. But in all seriousness I am who keeps those Four out of trouble, after all every good heist crew is made up of five people.” He said in his annoyingly cute voice as he looked over the floating 3D model of what was going on.

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