Jack Part 8


As he walked, back to the hole they came down in 1234 ran up to safe and grabbed the little back box. The instant it left the safe the alarms went off, all their planning had just been ruined. They were hoping to get in and out without anyone knowing who was there. However, with the alarms going off across the planet that was going to be hard.

1234 headed back to the hole, jumped up the ten-foot wall, and dropped a line for 5556 to climb up with. “You know for a guy that can rip apart an entire planet with your bear hands you suck at jumping I mean not even able to do ten feet.” He said as he pulled him up the wall, once up he got his bow back in hand and looked around a bit. “OK I’m ready let’s get this over with.” He said as 5556 picked him up leaned back then hurled him straight upwards. Then holding tight to the rope 1234 was still holding. Who then pulled back and attached the rope to a booster arrow.

The look on his face as he pulled back on the bow said it all, he knew it was going to be one hell of a ride. He let the arrow go and it instantly ignited jerking the rope and pulling 5556 off the ground as if he was weight less. Soon he was right under 1234 he passed right by grabbing him as he passed, and pulling him along with him. Then the arrow burned faster than the first ones pulling them along even faster than they had been on the way down. They were at the top in seconds, the arrow hit the top of the building exploding, and blowing a hole in the roof that the two flew up threw.

“Active star core 100 percent output, ultimate long range shot.” The voice of 9725 echoed as his rifle changed, the barrel getting longer as the back and stacks in the ground reinforced themselves. He fired, his target was a security droid that was 300 miles away, two seconds later and it went up in flames. He was making shots around the curve of the planet, his shots weren’t just powerfully but also flew downwards to compensate for the curve in the planet, a shot only he could make. His shots went off right after the next taking out the attack droids and security bots that were being deployed before they could even set their course.

I soon came to the realization as to why they wanted to do this without anyone knowing they were here. They did not seem to understand the concept of restraint, and when I say that I mean they did the exact opposite. This was made obvious to me as I sat watching the monitoring system. 5556 was ripping the building to pieces tossing them at the droids and well 1234 was shooting at everything that moved.

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