Jack Part 7


“Let’s get this show on the road shall we?” Said 1234 as he turned to the then fall 5556 pulled his bow. “Attachment anchors.” The arrow split in two and the point turned flat, then he released it. It hit and attached with a cord to 5556, 1234 smiled and tuned back aiming his bow straight down and pulling back further than he had before. “Active star core 50 percent output, booster arrows 50 mile target.” Two arrows metricizes they were long and wide, he lit got and they flew out. Attached to them was a cord from the two arrows before that went to 5556.

1234 moved quickly grabbing onto 5556 shoulder and holding tight. “Boost now.” Was the only words heard before the arrows ignited like rockets and took off pulling the two down the hole at almost a mile a second. “Active star core, output 50 percent shield mode active.” Said 5556 then slammed his hands together. His body was then covered in a metal colored armor as an energy bubble appeared in front of him. By now the light from the bottom of the hole could be seen clearly.

They were going so fast that the weapon systems couldn’t even track them but there was a draw back to the speed that they were going and that was stopping, hence the reason for the shields. “I love these shields but I hate the fact that they are only around you brother that just not fair, impact in five seconds get ready.” Said 1234 with a nervous voice

5556 detached the arrows from himself turned grabbed 1234 and threw him straight up as his back impacted the ground. 1234 pulled his bow back and fired and arrow that was attached to his arms at the wall. The string pulled and broke but it slowed him enough for 5556 to get ready and catch him without him being injured.

“I really hate that part why can’t we ever use a different way of getting in, my shoulder always hurts for days after we do that. Now let’s get this done I want to go home already.” Said 1234 as he walked to the ten-foot drop, smiled and jumped off landing on his feet. Then running out with his bow pulled back and one of the arrows from his back loaded in it. “Split and stun.” He said as he let the arrow fly out, it split in two and hit both guards shocking and stunning them. With a smile, he turned to his brother. “Well I did my part now it’s your turn to finish up and get what we came here for, let’s see those safe cracking skills in action shall we.”

5556 walked up to the huge safe, put his ear to it, and turned the dial on it, it clicked a few times, and then he stepped back. “Old style safe that uses a secondary locking system with a backup DNA lock. It’s pretty advanced with Dead Star Metal infused casing, I can crack it though.” Said 5556 then walking back up to the safe he smiled. “Active safe cracker mode.” His eyes glowed his hands grabbed the safe and then just ripped the front of it off. “Cracking complete.”

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