Jack Part 6


Standing inside were two guard by the door, shots hit them and they fell before they could even turn to see who was coming. 5556 and 1234 flew through the door seconds later, 30 seconds had passed they were on perfect timing.

Twenty-five guards were in the room they ran into, 1234 pulled his bow back. “Stun arrow wide range.” He said then released a solid black arrow, firing straight up to the roof of the room it hit the ceiling and exploded sending out a bright flash of light. Blinding them for a few seconds.

“Reload ghost bullets.” Said 9725 then fired straight through the walls taking out all of the guards before they could reach their radios, or sound any alarm. His first task was now done. All the guards except for the two guarding the main vault were out. Now he would be waiting for them to be exiting and lay down cover fire as they left the planet.

Now it was time to get to the vault, this was the tricky part because of where it was. The building looked small from the outside but once your inside you understood why it was so small. There was only an open room inside, filled with guards. All grudging the way down, and when I say down I mean down, it was 50 miles straight down through the upper crust of the planet. The way down was pretty much a whole in the ground that went straight down, curving 90 degree before the final 10 feet of the fall.

The challenging part was that without the lift, which was a platform, kept at the bottom of the hole, the security system would attack everything in the hole as it fell until there was nothing left of it. In addition, with 50 miles worth of weaponry all with tracking systems they would destroy anything completely that fell in.

The two looked in to the dark hole then at each other then back into the hole. “So you’re going first right bro.” Said 1234 to 5556 then pulled a coin form his pocket and threw it in. As soon as it passed, the entrance lasers opened fire and it was just dust left in the air. “Hmm this is going to be tough.” Said 1234 as he backed up and pulled his bow back. “Special arrow, raining mount maximum charge.” The arrow that grew in the bow this time it was huge 4 inches wide and 3 and a half feet long, he aimed up at the roof directly above the whole then spoke. “Wide array circle March perimeter of opening and clean the walls.” He released the arrow then looked to 5556, as the arrow hit the roof and splinted out thousands of arrows straight into the hole right up against the wall.

The tiny arrows went straight through the weapons on the wall, disabling some and causing others to explode or start firing. The burst lasted 30 seconds they now had 3 minutes 50 seconds to get things done. The two looked at each other then 1234 ran to the hole pulling back on his arrow then jumped in. “Burst shot ten count split, continuous fire.” An arrow appeared in the bow then on his back and arrow holder appeared and filled with arrows. Then he started to fire one after the next as he fell, the arrows splitting into ten the shot off ahead even faster.

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