Jack Part 5


A draw on the bottom of the monitoring system’s display opened, and then one of the sphere rolled out floated off the desk in front of me then projected a full 3d view of the building all around me then it shrunk back down to about two feet high. I touched it, I could feel and move it around getting closer, and further away, it was the perfect way to keep track of everything.

Now it was time to get started, and the first one to get in place would be our sniper. He would be setting up about 50 miles out from where the heist would be done. He arrived at the location he thought would give him the best view of everything, opened the gun case, and took a snack bar from inside it. Oddly enough, there was no gun in it, instead there was a bunch of snacks inside and two heavy metal spheres. He opened up the snack bar then got on the com. “I’m in place, let’s get started shall we.” He said as he bit into the bar, then took out the two spheres and placed them on the ground. He laid on his stomach one sphere at his shoulder and the other about a foot and a half in front of it.

He bit into the bar again then grinned. “Active build mode, weapons select mid-range. Build the silent drop.” His eyes glowed blue as he closed the left one, the spheres began to be transformed into dust then the dust moved to form a sniper rifle. The stands fell from the front and stacked itself into the ground as he put his finger on the trigger. The scope spun and focused itself. “Just give the word and I’ll clear the path.” He said over the com, taking aim on the first guard’s man.

Will 1234 jumped up took the bow off from around him and held it by the front ready to take aim at any moment. He looked over at 800 and 5556, only 1234 and 5556 would be going in to get the item. “Are you to ready to go?” Said 800 to the other two with a smile, they nodded a yes and he started. “Active control system, override all surveillance systems in target area. Loop for five minutes start timer when first guard is disabled. Now you two you are looking for a black box, it will be in the center of the main vault. They will be two guards there they will be the only ones you need to take down. You have five minutes to get in and out now power up and move.”

“Active buster mode.” Said 5556 as he took off running. “Active ultra-bow, electric mode.” Said 1234 with a grin and took off running behind 5556, with his bow pulled back as if an arrow was in it. “Drop them!” Was all that 800 said as they ran to the building, 9725 smiled then started firing. Shot after shot almost like an automatic gun, the guards were falling too fast for them to even notice that the others were falling before they were hit. 1234 saw the entrance they were closing in and it was now his turn, his eyes glowed green, then a hair thin arrow formed then he said one word. “Charge” The hair thin arrow was charged with energy glowing and now full size he fired it. The arrow hit the control panel for the entrance and the energy was released into it opening the door.

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