Jack Part 4


The next jump was a short one just 15 minutes, and we would be at the planet we were going to use for the steak out and for me to give the orders from. The jump was an interesting one to say the least through two wormholes and slingshot around the supper Sun at the center of the galaxy before going through another wormhole that sent us just a few light years from the planet. It was actually an insane jump across 45 percent of the galaxy in only five minutes then ten minutes to the planet at low speed, so no one would pick up the ships approach.

We touch down on the planet and set up a small relay station and a monitoring system so I could give out directions and warnings. While I made sure, the system was working the others left for the planet to start the heist. The ship they were in was then placed under my control, I would be dumping them in the upper atmosphere and turning the ship around. Once they jumped from the ship, it was time to get things started.

The four of them fell through the atmosphere, turned to each other and spoke. “Active Nannies 100 percent.” Their eyes glowed and they pulled their body in to speed up their distant. Now it was my turn I turned the ship a full one eighty and headed straight up, to the outer atmosphere. Now came the part that they were waiting on, I dropped the ship into a nosedive, and launched four missiles then leveled off and headed right for the monitoring aircraft that locked on to the missiles. I flew the ship right into the aircraft; the huge explosions caused by the collision would disrupt the sensors in the area for a few seconds. And without the aircraft to give a visual the computer would dismiss the readings of the four bodies gave off as a senior echo from the four rockets that were launched allowing them to get pass the security net with no problem. The four of the rockets hit the ground thirty seconds later. They stood up and looked all around to make sure they weren’t seen then back up behind Will 800.

The first obstacle was down now came the hard one, I brought the monitoring system online and contacted Will 800 he had said something about putting the monitoring system on a whole new level. Whatever that meant I wasn’t sure but I knew I wanted to find out. However, whatever it meant I knew that it was going to be something extreme and unexpected.

I was not disappointed in any way at all. I heard his voice over the com. “All seeing mode active.” He raised his hands, and from them hundreds of tinny spheres came from them. Some of them fell to the ground and rolled in to the building where the device we were to steal was kept, the rest flew into the air all around the building. Then I heard his voice again. “Link up and begin broadcasting.” What happened next was more than just extreme it was just Amazing.

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