Jack Part 3


We arrived at the planet and saw Will 9725 waiting with a large rifle case, which I knew was carrying the legendary sniper rifle that was used in that shot. He boarded and we pulled up and locked on to the next planet, an earth colony where Will 5556 was now staying. It would take almost an hour for this jump and I would take that chance to talk with the two Wills. I hope that I would get a look in the case too, maybe even get to hold the gun.

“So what’s it like to be the greatest sniper ever, is it nerve wrecking. Like do you always have people after you night and day?” I asked while staring at the case wondering how heavy it was. “Well it is fun I mean I know everyone must think someone is always out to get me but in reality it is nothing like that. Turns out no one wants to even think about going up against someone that can take them out while their sleeping from a different planet.” He replied with a cocky smirk on his face. Not much else was said for almost the entire jump he wasn’t very much of a talker, he just nodded or gave one-word answers to most everything.

We arrived at the planet and got Will 5556 in a rush, being wanted across the galaxy meant it was hard for us to go from planet to planet. Well hard for us to do unnoticed anyway, seeing that they didn’t have a hard time destroying anything that got in there way. Which was good seeing that most cops stayed out of the way or ran while calling for back up.

Will 5556 was a huge man, and when I say huge, I mean huge, seven and half feet tall and was just packed with muscles. He said hello as he got on the ship and his voice was so deep I could feel it run threw my body. I was too shocked by the size of this guy to say anything at all, as we headed to the last planet to pick Will 1234.

We got to the planet and I thought who ever this guy was he must be weird, I looked out the view window and it just confirmed what I was thinking. It was a forest planet, with plants of all kinds from across the galaxy. Planets like these were used mostly for converting atmospheric waste into something that people could breathe easily. This one was planet 221 the largest of them.

There he was waving at us from a tree; the only thing he was carrying was a bow that was strapped to his back. Must be crazy I thought to myself as he jumped to the ship, swinging in through the open door. “Hey all I’m Will 1234 how are you doing today I’m awesome by the way.” He said with a smile on his face from ear to ear, as the other Wills just looked at him then back to what they were doing. “Well I’m doing pretty well it’s nice to meet you my name is John. I’ll be going with you to help out this time around; I even have everything planed out already.” I said to him.

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