Jack Part 2


This wasn’t that big of a deal I mean really I just had to get them to the item without setting off any alarms. Once they got it all hell could break lose and they would still be fine. So I got my plans together and went to them I wanted to get things started already. “All the plans have been made and I’m ready for us to get started. I even found a planet close by that we can use to take out the target.” I said happily, I was so ready for everything to get started.

“Have you now? Well then I will get the crew together and we can head out.” Said Will 800, he was the leader of the group I was planning the heist with. He wasn’t a large man that one would expect the leader of a crime gang to be but instead he was tiny. To be honest he looked like a kid, just under four feet tall with the face of a 9 year old. When I first heard of him ten years ago I expected and old mob boss looking figure. You know the ones I mean, large guy smoking a big cigar wearing an over expensive custom black suite with a deep low voice, and a look that sent chills down your spine. Then I found out that he was almost a thousand years old and I expected a dying old man hooked up to all kinds of machines, not a boy so to speak. However, after almost ten years I see now how his appearance comes in handy, and why he goes by the alias Jake Young.

The rest of his crew I hadn’t meet yet but from what I had heard about them they were going to be the best of the best at what they did. I was just hoping they all didn’t look like kids; I don’t think I can deal with that.

There was a ship in the basement of the hideout that was used to carry the crew to their next job. I was so happy when I got in it and saw only one small seat. I sat with a smile as 800 sat in the cockpit and programmed in the course. We would be stopping by three planets to pick up the other members of the group then we would be starting.

The first planet we would be going to was almost dead, having very little vegetation, almost no water and a very thin atmosphere. This is where we would be meeting Will 9725 the marksman of the group. He wasn’t the fastest shooter but he is the most accurate in the entire galaxy, pulling of the longest shot ever anywhere. Across a solar system, totaling .98 light-years and having the bullet take one hour to reach the target. The shoot was legendary for its distance and the fact that the target was 3 inches wide and moving along a track at 200 miles and hour. Made him a legend among snipers throughout the universe. The ship set off blasting out of the planet’s atmosphere and into Jump mode right after, with the class ten drive it was just a ten-minute jump.

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