Jack Part 12

“Your turn to get us out of here 5556.” Said King Fluffy as he did his best to stand to his tiny feet. 5556 didn’t speak he just smiled looked up at the path of floating platforms and took his first step, then another as he pulled 1234, and 800 to his shoulders. He moved faster and started to run his steps shacking everything as he went. He picked up speed dashing towards the path, bending and scoping King Fluffy’s tiny body up in his hand then going straight up the path at full speed. The floating platforms didn’t even shake as he jumped from one to the next, going faster and faster with each one.

I realized what they were doing and it made sense I wouldn’t have to land just fly by. However, there was still a problem of leaving off and being stable enough for them to board. Then I figured anyway it happens it’s going to be one hell of a ride. I pulled forward in the seat and griped the controls. I pulled back with everything I had and prayed it was enough to pull the ship up in time. The ship struggled and shock violently as it fought with gravity to pull up. The noses slowly moved from facing straight down but the ship was still falling straight down at full speed.

I could see 5556 heading for the top platform, only one thing could work, and I prayed it did. I slammed the afterburners all the way up, and I felt them push out from behind me beating the gravity and sending the ship hurling forward. I reached the platform and before I realized it I had passed it I looked back and there he was, 5556 was holding on to the side of the open door as the other two crawled up his arm and into the ship. I had done it. I looked forward and pulled up as hard as I could. The ship was slow to climb up against the extreme gravity but it started to climb.

Then I realized something, we hadn’t gotten 9725 he was still waiting for us. “9725 we have to go get him before he gets caught.” I said about to pull a one eighty. “Don’t be foolish he knew what he was getting into, get us out of here before the ship fails under the gravity.” The voice of King Fluffy came from behind me as they struggled to pull 5556 into the ship. I had no clue how I would even get 9725 so I just did as I was told and kept the ship’s nose pointed straight up. We were moving but I feared not fast enough, I looked out the window and I could see security droids closing in on us. It was the end I knew it, I closed my eyes and waited to be caught.

Explosions echoed out from behind us. I turned to look and droids were just being picked off, it must be 9725 helping us escape. “All seeing eye create target, now drop what’s left 1234.” Said 800, 1234 smiled then pulled his bow back, the air swirled around the bow forming an all clear arrow. “Get ready to ride the wave out of here.” 5556 opened the door and 1234 fired the arrow out, I looked back and 5556 slammed the door and grabbed the wall as the other two grabbed their seats as if we were crashing. I looked down to see the arrow and all I saw was a huge explosion, the shockwave from it hit the back of the ship and sent it flying.

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