Jack Part 11


He said and jumped from the open door, his little body was caught by the high gravity, and he was gone straight down faster than I could keep up with. The 3D motioning system reappeared in front of me and I saw a little dot falling I figured it could only be him but what was he going to do. “This is King Fluffy reporting in sorry I’m late boys but it’s time to get out of here. Active Link check in boys.” He said as he hurled through the skies straight for the ground. The coms went dead for a few seconds and I thought it was all over, I could see the dot was almost at ground leave. “Link 9725. Enhance multi-shot Active.” “Link 1234. Enhance seeker Arrow Active.” “Link 5556. Enhance speed Active.” “Link 800. Enhance all seeing eye Active.”

9725 moved his hand slowly overcoming the gravity, he pulled back the latch on his riffle and raised his head slowly to the scope. “We never get caught, multi-shot, targets 200, range 50 miles, angle hit 75 set.” 9725 spoke then fired, the shot was heard for miles, the bullet left the gun then exploded a few miles out. The bullet shattered into 75 pieces each one superheated and moving at 200 miles a second. The pieces were on course for the droids that were surrounding the other three. They hit less than a second after being fired each piece going through at least five droids. The skies light up as all 200 of the droids exploded.

“My turn set target control computer.” 1234 said as he slowly pulled his bow back as far as his hands would let him, then a sliver and ice arrow built itself in the bow. He smiled aimed straight up and let go, off it went the arrow flew as fast as any bullet straight up into the sky, it was gone in the blink of an eye. Climbing miles into the sky locking onto its target, the main firm of the computer that controlled everything on the planet. It was at the center of the planet and had one cooling vent that lead to it on the equator of the planet, which was almost 400 miles away from where they were.

“All seeing eye make a path.” The spheres that had been pulled to the ground and crushed pulled themselves back together. They lifted up from the ground and then lined up one after the next in a line going up into the air. Then they each morphed into a flat long panel. “It’s time bring the ship down we need to get out of here.” Said the voice of King Fluffy over the intercom, I took hold of the controls and hit the autopilot button for it to go into a nosedive. “I’m on the way but I don’t think I will be able to stop.” I said as the ship just dropped straight down, I held tightly to the controls to keep myself in the chair. I didn’t see how I was even going to stop with the gravity on this planet.

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