Jack Part 10


“Ok well they need a way out of the trap that’s about to go off and then we need a ship to get us out of here right.” He said as he spun the 3D model, I just looked on at him and nodded my head in disbelief.

Just as he said, the trap on the planet went off, across the entire planet the gravity began to change. I soon realized this is what they meant when I was told that the hard part would be getting off the planet. The gravity had gotten almost 200 times stronger than what it was when they got there, it was already to the point where 1234’s arrows only left his bow before hitting the ground. The surveillance system 800 put up fell to the ground, and was crushed under their own weight. Even 9725 was having trouble hitting anything his, bullets just weren’t going anywhere before they were pulled down into the ground. It seemed hopeless as 5556 picked up his two brothers and struggled to carry them.

I stood there stunned still until King Fluffy started talking again. “Hello stupid, I’m not really King Fluffy you daft. I’m the other half of Will 800. Seriously who do you think monitors everything while they pull off heist normally.” I snapped out of it and looked down at him I had no clue what we would be able to do from up here but I was going to try anything.

“Good now here take this it’s the controls to the getaway ship on the dark side of this planets moon. Get ready it’s time we get started.” I took the controls from him wondering what he meant by get started, I thought the heist was already started and not going to well at this point. I watched as he looked over the entire area and I flew the ship out from behind the moon, waiting for his signal to send it down to the planet. “Good I’ve got it now pick me up and come and bring the ship down for us.” He said then waited for me to pick him up from the monitoring system, which I did after I had set the ship to come land in front of us.

I boarded the ship not knowing what to expect, I was a bit scared as to what might happen, but at the same I was excited as to what might happen, it could be fun. “Lets go get them shall we.” King Fluffy said, then he took the controls in hand and pulled them back sending the ship straight up and out of the planet’s atmosphere. The ship headed straight to the planet that the others were on, and as we entered the planet’s atmosphere, I could feel the high gravity starting to make it hard for me to breath. He pulled up turned on the autopilot and jumped to the door and opened it. “The anti gravity in the ship will turn on any second now so you will be able to breath, then it will come get us in 45 seconds so be ready once it’s in the dive you will need to be the one to pull up ok see ya.”

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