Jack Part 1



The Ultimate heist

Here we are on Vayron Five, home of Jake Young the mastermind and leader of the Jack crew. He’s the man I need to see, I have very important business to conduct with him. My name is John Smith, yeah I’m not kidding about my name, that really is my name. Anyway I am a contractor, I am the person contacted when you need to get something and you can’t buy that item anywhere, hey with a name like John Smith what did you expect me to do for a living. But my job is simple talk to the client get the details on what they would like to acquire, then give the crew which I work for that information, and go back to my client with a pick up location and collect the fee for that item. Easy enough right, well my job is very easy but also very uninteresting, and so one day I asked my friend Jack to let me tag along on one of the heist. Yes I said heist, what do you expect from a guy who’s name is Jake Young. Anyway, he was very hesitant to let me come at first, he finally agreed to let me be a by stander on the next mission.

I was thrilled he agreed now I just had to wait for a client to contact me, almost two months passed before I was contacted with a job. The client was a young Technovor with very large pockets, and was willing to use as much as it took to get what he wanted. And what he wanted was going to be quite hard to get a hold of, he wanted a Magna-Core one of the most powerful power sources in this galaxy. It’s made from the combination of an ultra-magnet and the core of a collapsed blue giant star. The resulting magnetic forces’ pulling against each other generates energy. That’s what I was told about it anyway and I really didn’t ask anything else.

(Now the thing that I found out a few days later was that the reason we were being paid an unholy amount of money wasn’t because of the amount of power this thing produced. Which granted was enough to power a planet and it was only the size of a tennis ball. Nope, the reason was the security that this thing had, it was just over kill for anything. I mean really the entire planet it was on was designed to protect it, which was just a bit much for something that small.

However, who was I to judge most of what we did was over kill in some way. Anyway as part of my tagging along it would be my job to figure out a way to get past all the security that was placed on the items. I realized soon after I started making my plan that getting the items was going to be the easy part.

With their skills it would be nothing to them to get by and to the items, the hard part would be to get off the planets after they stole the items we were sent for. The more I went over the plans for the security system the more I realized that it was built to stop anyone from getting off the planet with the core instead of stopping them from stealing it.

Continues in Jack part 2

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