Inter Planetary Jump Gate


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Inter Planetary jump gate

Technology type: Space travel

Inventor: Dr. Robert Wilson

Deception: By far the largest peace of cursed technology, or any kind of technology for that matter. Built to allow for travel between two points instantly. The gates use gravity wells combined with high-energy beams, and huge amounts of power to open a rift in the fabric of space. When two gates are active, the two rifts that they open become joined much like a worm whole. However, unlike a worm hole there is nothing connecting the two rifts together.

The Gates were invented by accident when Dr. Robert began work on building a safer version of the reality matrix. Instead of building a matrix, he managed to build a gate capable of ripping space open, after which he found that if two gates using the same frequency were to both create a rift, the two rifts would become one. In addition, because the rifts are outside of normal space and time they can be at any two point sometimes more at the same instant. Also because they are not wormholes but rifts in space they allow multiply object to pass threw in different directions at the same time without affecting them in any way.

This discovery lead to the Inter planetary jump gates being built on thousands of planets threw out the galaxy, which lead to the discovery that with a large enough gate way, ship could file threw it as if it were a door instantly traveling thousands of light years. And because the gates act the same as a physical door way to enter a room it means anything that can fix threw the gate will be on the other side even allowing for hundreds of objects all going different speeds and in different directions.

It was later discovered that by using multiply gates on the same frequency that anything entering any of the gates would arrive at the largest or the one with the most energy. Allowing trade companies to ship from all over the galaxy to a central point without worrying about the loss or theft of their cargo. Also allowing the Galactic console to have a safe central location that no one knew the actual location of but one where anyone could get to and they could control when they would let people come by shutting down there gate.

The gates have two very important fail-safes one being that if the position of the manual power over ride switch. A leaver with a ball attached to it directly next to the gate having the off passion when it is switch towards the gate. This is because with the gate running it cancels out all gravity around it, this fail safe ensures that if the gravity its generating starts to become too much for the system; the pull will trip the switch before a black hole can form. Its other fail safe are special built liquid power connectors, that pervert surges of power from passing one connector and jumping into another keeping over loads from happened. But because they use sealed liquid inside these connectors to carry the energy, in the case of an over load the seal just has the be broken and the liquid vaporizes from the amount of energy it carries, which in turn stops any surge for lack of a conductor to carry the energy.

A very strange fact is the Galactic console has the largest gate to be built, the size of a small star, and being the only gate to be in a planet’s atmosphere, stretching from the core of the planet to the highest breathable point of its atmosphere. This hug gate is actually so powerful that it reduces the planets gravity to zero.


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