Gwars, Galactic Wars, or war of the Gods, are just a few names of the greatest war in history. Started in the year 15090 AG, after the downfall of the Galactic Union. The Gwars as it is best known, was started with two revile Mining companies over who had the right to mine a system. Without the galactic union to say who would mine what, and what couldn’t be mined the companies took it into their own hands to decide. within a few years war had broken out between hundreds of companies threw out the galaxy. The war grew more destructive as the companies formed alliances and fought using the planets themselves.

As the war spread from system to system, the war became more than a struggle for power over mining resources but it became the first war that was fought for the sake of fighting. The war raged on and years passed it by like drops in an ocean.

Four thousand years passed as the war grew in size; no corner of the galaxy was safe from the fighting. With things, the way they were the war looked as if it would destroy the galaxy, no one was trying to stop the war and it had been going on for so long that no one really knew why they were fighting. All they knew was there was fighting before they were born and there would be fighting after they were gone.

The Brothers Will had stepped away from the galaxy to watch the destruction in shame. The galaxy they had spent so much time teaching had been reduced to war over greed. They had decided that it was time to move on; the galaxy was no long worth saving it was already doomed. However, one stepped back in to help a few that wanted peace and wanted a place to call home.

Watching the peaceful planet that Will 6975 now lived on in the midst of the war it changed the minds of the other member of The Brothers Will. They turned back to the galaxy and they decided that it was up to them to stop the war and give the people a chose to live in peace or keep fighting. The year was 19100 AG, Will Ten Thousand give the order to the Brothers Will to step back in and end the war, and give the galaxy a choice of peace. The order was carried out with the full power of every member of the Brothers Will alliance, within a matter of days of the order being given the war was broth to a standstill when the choice of peace was taken over war.

The War was the worst the universe has ever seen and will ever see, with the end of the war the Brothers Will took it upon themselves to prevent any war that size from ever happening again, they would maintain peace threw out the universe from that point on, making sure peace was always an option.

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