Galactic Union

The galactic union is by far the largest union or alliance ever formed. It consisted of all the races of the Milky Way and a few others outside of it.

The alliance first started with earth as the head as it branched out to bring peace to the systems that were around it and their own. This idea of peace brought many to join, causing the alliance to grow fast. Its goal of reaching the twenty closes systems to earth and having them join within one earth year was more than met. Within that year the alliance grew to over fifty systems across the galaxy and kept growing at a steadily increasing rate. Over the next one hundred years, the alliance grew to include every system in the Milky Way and over a million that were not. It was then that it got its name of Galactic Union and by doing so became the voice of a galaxy.

Once the Galactic Union had been fully formed, they took it upon themselves to bring order to the galaxy. To do so they had a five-step plan that everything would fall under.

1. Spoken Universal binary became the official language of the galaxy, it was the first time and entire galaxy had one language spoke on all planets and systems uniting the galaxy even more. Making misunderstandings and wars between races even less common.

2. The instatement of a new time system the New Galactic Time starting a 20-month year that was an average of the length of years in the galaxy. This made it easy for time to be kept and having no more need for time to be changed from planet to planet, even though some still kept there on time system they also kept the galactic time and date. This brought great order to the galaxy and made up keeping of peace, general life, trade and many more things much easier across planets.

3. They form the United Mining union to mine the planets without causing any damage to the galaxy as a whole. In addition, this prevented the mining companies from mining planets with life on them.

4. Formed the Defenders the first galactic sized fighting force tasked to uphold the law and protect the life forms that lived in the Milky Way. This army had members from every race and planet in the Milky Way and many of the ones outside of it. It had out post on each planet where the citizens could go for help and to reach the head quarts of the alliance. It was also a place where they could get in contact with The Brothers Will.

5. Maybe one of the main reasons the alliance lasted and spread so far, was done before the alliance was even named. This was to form an understanding with The Brothers Will. This allowed the alliance to be able to protect its members when it was small and before the defenders were form. Though it made many planets afraid at first, they soon saw that with The Brothers Will Standing behind them the alliance would always be just or suffer the wrath of the brothers.

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