Forest Planet

Forest Planet

Function: When a planet starts to die from over population or pollution, the only way to save it and still allow the planet’s inhabitants to stay on it is to clean the toxins out of the atmosphere. With a process called and Atmosphere transplant, which allows the planet’s plants to be able to start producing breathable atmospheric gasses again. To do this a forest planet is needed, and yes it is exactly what it sounds like.

Surface: These are planets with low gravity and no life forms, just plants on the entire surface of the planet. But these aren’t any kind of plants they are plants genetically designed to produce atmospheric gasses at a much higher rate than any natural one. With these plant’s covering the entire surface of the planet, no water on the surface, and no life forms to disturb them they convert any toxic atmosphere into a normal one within a few months.

The largest of these and the most productive is planet 221′ with a gravity one-twentieth the gravity of earth though it is just 100 times the size. The planet was first used to fix the atmosphere of new earth that was built on mars, after the First World War. The process to fix the atmosphere is actually very simple. Planet movers move the forest planet within a few miles of the planet with the dyeing atmosphere. Then the polluted atmosphere of one planet is exchanged over a six-month period with that of the forest planet.

The most unusual fact about these planets is there are no bodies of water at all on the surface of the planet but yet the planets are between 40 and 60 percent water by mass.

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