DNA Hackers Part 9


An hour passed by quickly and the captain gathered the crew together once again. “Did anyone find anything or anyone?” The crew all nodded a depressing no. “What about you, did you find out the cause of death?” The captain said as he pointed to the medical officers. “No we found nothing sir, no signs of anything at all; it’s as if he was alive one minute and dead the next. His body is in perfect condition. In fact I don’t understand why he isn’t alive walking around right now, I mean he is in better health than anyone I have ever seen.” He replied, as he did the captain paced back and forth. “Drop us out of Jump mode and bring the com-systems up I will send the message.”

The ship dropped out of the Jump and began to draft through space, the crew sat and waited in silence as the captain opened a com-link to the location where they were to drop the boy off. As the captain tried to get in contact with the members of The Brothers Will that was waiting for the boy, the crew began to talk among themselves. “The boy couldn’t have been one of The Brothers Will they are Cursed Humans, nothing can kill them.” Said one of the crewmembers. “If he really is one of them they must be playing a joke of some kind on us.” He was interrupted by the woman who had found the boy. “Yes he really was one of The Brothers Will, I was there at their celebration to welcome him to The Brothers Will, there is no doubt about it. He may have only been a young boy, but he was one of them and he’s dead now.”

It went quite, even the low whispers among the crew that were hardly heard stopped as they began to realize that one of The Brothers Will had really died in their care. As they, all wondered what this would mean. It went totally silent; the steady hum of the engines was all that could be heard breaking through the dead silence. Fear came across their faces as one spoke aloud what they were all thinking. “They’re going to kill us all aren’t they? I mean the youngest of them died in our care. What do we do now?” There was silence once more as they looked at one another hopping someone would have and answer to their question.

The captain entered the room. “The radio station is damaged on the world we were headed to. They have no long range com-systems, so they haven’t been in contact with The Brothers Will since before we left for them.” Said the crewmember at the com-system. The captain sat with the rest of the crew and waited for something, anything at all to happen.

An hour passed in silence. “We are going to have to try to contact Earth, it’s a long shot that we would get anyone from The Brothers Will, but we must try.” The captain said to the crew. The crew spoke among themselves for a few minutes and it was decided that they would contact Earth and tell them what happened. As they prepared to contact Earth, the captain tried to figure out what he would say in the unlikely case that they got one of The Brothers Will directly. But mostly what he was going to leave as a message to be sent to the leader of The Brothers Will. As the captain talked the message over with some of the crew, a scream came from the medical bay. “He’s gone he’s gone!” The crew all came rushing into the medical bay, seeing the boy gone the captain looked around and asked. “What happened, where did he go, who was watching him?”

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