DNA Hackers Part 8


Slowly it began to move towards his face, as the top grew close to the boy’s head it lifted up off his body, and went directly over his face. Then lunged forward. It entered the boy’s mouth and nose, the boy’s body jerked as his lungs filled with the creature. As it did the rest of the Morfeans body wrapped around the boy, covering his entire body. It created what seems to be a cocoon around the boy’s body wrapping tightly around the boy as he struggled for air.

A few minutes passed and the struggling stopped. There was nothing, no movement at all perfectly still. The cocoon then started to absorb in to the boy’s body, within minutes it was gone. All that was left before long was the boy’s motion less body on the floor.

The door to the room opened and a crewmember from the ship walked in. There in the middle of the room laid the boy’s body. She looked around the room, but there was no one else so she walked up to the boy. “Hey kid, are you okay?” She said as she pushed his shoulder and repeated. “Hey kid you okay? Wake up!” There was no response from the boy at all, she knew something must be wrong. She quickly yelled out for help, and the other members of the crew came rushing in to see what was going on.

Seeing the boy on the floor, they rushed straight to him trying their best to wake him, but it was no use he didn’t budge. The medical officer for the ship checked his pulse and breathing but there were no signs of life at all. He stood up and shock his head as he spoke. “He’s dead.”

The crew immediately panicked running around grabbing their things. “Every one stop right there!” Yelled the captain. “Now, all of you in here now. First of all stop your useless panicking.” The crew all stopped and walked back to the room awaiting the captain’s orders. “Now we need to get the boy to the medical bay, and then we need to search the ship to make sure there is no one on board that shouldn’t be. Once we do that we will need to drop out of jump mode and send a transmission to the Brothers Will informing them of what happen.” He pointed at the doctor and his assent. “You two get the boy to the medical bay and see if you can figure out what happened to him, everyone else search every inch of this ship I want everything accounted for down to the last bolt!”

The words of the captain sent the crew off to work in a frenzy. The medical officers placed the boy on a stretcher and headed to the medical bay. The other members of the crew began to search the ship, checking every inch, of every opening, every storage unit and panel, even checking under everything, they looked everywhere. They worked as fast as they could while the doctors scanned the boy’s body, looking over everything to find out what happened to him.

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