DNA Hackers Part 7


The two looked at each other then back at the boy and spoke. “We need a sample of your DNA; it may be our only hope of repairing the damage that has been done to our own DNA over the centuries.” The boy looked on at them with a smile and asked one question. “Do you have a way of collecting the sample?” The two looked at each other, then in what seemed like an impossible act, they reach into each other’s bodies, removing two small black cases from their chest. They opened them one contained a strange needle like device and the other healed four small empty glass vials, they took one of the vials and inserted it into the back of the needle device. As they did the boy put his arm out so they could draw out some of his blood, they inserted the needle into his arm and filled the four vials with blood. As the removed the needle from his arm the small hole the needle left vanished the instant the needle was removed, not even letting one drop of blood come out before it could heal.

The two Morfeans then looked at one another, the one with the needle still holding a vial of blood in it, smiled and injected itself with a quick jab. “What are you doing?” Asked the boy; as he did the Morfean that injected itself fell to the ground. Then a loud screaming noise came from the creature as its body began to warp and become more and more misshapen with every second, as it did the other Morfean spoke. “His body is rejecting your DNA, it seems as though your DNA is to strong it’s taking him over, and it’s going to kill him.” The boy looked at the warping creature on the floor. “Is there anything you can do to save him?”

There was a pause before the Morfean spoke. “There’s only one thing I can do to save him, but it stands a chance of not working.” The boy looked up quickly and spoke. “Hurry and try it, is there anything I can do to help please tell me.”

“When our race lost the ability to change our DNA we gained an unexpected ability, we can now merge with other races. This only works with a willing host otherwise we can be rejected and both the person we are trying to merge with and we ourselves could die. You must be willing to do this if we are going to save him.” The boy looked down at the creature morphing and screaming out in pain, then back to the other and spoke. “Hurry, it looks like its getting worse!” The Morfean looked up at him leaned back and spoke. “This is going to hurt.” Then lunged towards the boy grabbing his arms, pinning him to the ground. Its body began to melt into a liquid, wrapping around the boy like a snake.

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