DNA Hackers Part 6


The instant the ship jumped the two Morfeans were in front of the boy. They stood in front of him, looking him over from head to toe, then walking around him analyzing him. They looked at each other, then back at the boy who simply looked at them with a look of curiosity on his face. They spoke together as if they were one person, but their language was new to the boy he could not understand anything they were saying. A few minutes passed as the two Morfeans tried their best to communicate with the boy. However, he could only look on, then he got an idea, he knew the race must be telepathic to be able to speak as one the way they did, which means he could use the translator his brother had made for him. It only worked on telepathic races seeing that it was not yet finished and able to work on any race.

The translator picked up the telepathic information and would transfer it into his mind while at the same time transferring his thoughts as he spoke to the aliens making it seem as though they were speaking the same langue. He walked to his bags as he waved for the two aliens to follow him, he removed the translator from his bag and switched it on, he then split its two parts and handed one to the aliens while he held onto the other. They both held on to the strange object looking over the whole thing as the boy spoke. “It’s a universal mental translator my brother made it for me, it’s not really finished yet, but it should work on your race.” The aliens looked on in amazement. “Can you understand us?” They said hoping for a yes. “Yes I can.” The boy answered. “Now I take it you have something to tell me.” He continued with a smile.

“We come in peace asking for your help, we are of the Morfean race. We were once a great race of spies but now we are weak and have become slaves to the highest bidder. We were once the greatest of the shape shifting races, able to copy any living thing down to its very DNA allowing us to learn their language and anything else they knew. But hundreds of years of research and experimenting on ourselves has left us weak, it has taken our abilities. We can no longer copy races as before, and the forms we can now take only last for a few hours at best before we revert to our natural form. We need your help please will you help us?” The boy looked at them still smiling. “I’ll help you anyway I can, it is now my duty as part of the Brothers Will to help anyone in need of help. Just tell me what I can do and I will do my best to help.”

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